Re-opening Dance Yourself Dizzy as from 22nd July!

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Hello Everyone!

After the Government announcement earlier this week, I am delighted to say….WE ARE BACK!

So, these are our plans for getting back dancing:

All DYD Classes and Events

NHS Covid Pass: The Government has said… “As a matter of social responsibility we’re urging nightclubs and other venues with large crowds, to make use of the NHS Covid Pass, which shows proof of vaccination, a recent negative test, or natural immunity, as a means of entry” …so, we will require proof of double vaccination (NHS App or print out), OR proof of a negative lateral flow test submitted on the same day as DYD class/event (NHS App, text message or email). Full info on how to get a NHS Covid Pass on your phone OR a Covid Pass Letter sent to you from NHS here: NHS COVID Pass – NHS (

Masks: It is your personal decision whether you wear a face mask or not. Wearing a mask is optional. Please respect other people’s choices and do not judge, criticize or question them.

Avoiding the Spread: We will check your temperature on arrival and ensure that hand sanitizer is available both on the door and at the tables. We will have as many doors and windows open as possible, where the venue allows. If you are feeling at all unwell, PLEASE DO NOT COME DANCING!

NHS Track & Trace QR Code: There will be a Dance Yourself Dizzy QR code, that it is recommended you scan on the way in.

Minstead: Our first night back will be at Minstead on Thursday 22nd July, and this will be the usual class night format, starting at 8pm. Tickets will be available in advance from 1pm on 17th July. Minstead management have asked that people avoid congregating or smoking under the porch of the venue.

Totton Freestyle: Our Freestyles at Totton are mostly once a fortnight, on the second & fourth Saturdays of each month – check the freestyles or calendar pages of this website for dates.

Basingstoke: First night back at Basingstoke will be on Monday 26th July. Usual class night format. The venue has decided to close the bar permanently, so at this one venue only, you are now allowed to bring your own drinks of any kind.

Winchester: Unfortunately, we cannot yet return to Winchester Guildhall. This is because the venue’s halls are currently being used as temporary law courts, to help deal with the backlog of court cases due to Covid delays. Dance Yourself Dizzy will return to the Guildhall as soon as possible, but this could be a few months off yet. But do not despair…for Tuesday nights…there is an alternative plan…see below.

Eastleigh Railway Institute: As a temporary replacement Tuesday night venue, DYD will be opening at Eastleigh Railway Institute from Tuesday 3rd August, 8pm. This will be a class night, and is a great alternative to the Guildhall whilst we wait for it to become available to us again.

I never thought I’d have to say anything like this, but coming dancing again obviously now has a Covid risk. We will do all we can to make everything as safe as possible, but can accept no liability. It is your choice whether you come dancing again now or later.

I hope all of the above answers any questions you may have about our plans. But, as has been the case throughout the whole pandemic, should we need to make changes to our plans, we will communicate these as quicky as possible.

My ultimate dream and hopes are that we will all be in our finest attire, dancing our socks off, at full capacity, at the Posh and Sparkly Ball in Winchester Guildhall this Christmas, and after the last 18 months we have had, we all couldn’t deserve it more!!


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