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  Three ways to view. Three ways to learn.
Just pick the one that's right for you.
Dance Yourself Dizzy offers you 3 ways to view our videos and learn our moves.
All you have to do is mix and match as much as you want to.
Free Videos
All of the videos on the public pages of this site are completely free to use as often as you want to. Simply browse our Learn On-Line pages for all of our beginner moves or our Moves Database pages for an ever changing list of Modern Jive moves for you to learn. Free


Learn From DVD

We know that it is a bit impractical for many of you to learn to dance in front of your computer, sometimes there just isn't enough space.

For this reason many of the moves that are available on this site are also available on one of our DVD's. Each time you view a move online that is also available on DVD we will tell you in a box just above the video window. You can then learn to dance where ever it suits you.

View our range of DVDs


Larger Videos, More Moves
Many of the videos that are available on the public pages of this site, plus lots more, are available in our Members Area. All Members Area moves have larger, higher quality, videos that can be expanded to full screen and with links to downloadable files that you can keep.

Each of the moves in our Members Area has a comments box in which you can ask questions about the move or ask advice if something is not going quite right. If you download any of our moves to your PC you can view it as often as you like without being online and without having to wait for it to download each time.

* No double trouble (triples) videos are available in the members area.

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