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Learn Modern Jive

Couple DancingUsing our free, simple, step by step videos you can learn all 21 Modern Jive beginner moves from this page.

Learn the Modern Jive beginners moves using our Learn on Line pages. The videos on each page will explain how to get started, how to link moves together and will get you dancing all 21 of our beginner Modern Jive moves. Its a step by step process, keeping to the basics, that's easy to follow, fun and rewarding. We won't tell you off for putting your foot in the wrong place, wearing the wrong clothes or facing the wrong direction.
After all...
Dancing is supposed to be fun

Left Handed Beginner Moves

Armjive Armjive Pushspin Basket First Move First Move Pushspin
Manspin Octopus Pushspin
Shoulder Slide Side to Side Step Across
    Teapot Wurlitzer  
Right Handed Beginner Moves

Catapult Comb Half Windmill
Hatchback Ladyspin Sway
Yoyo Yoyo Pushspin
Mastered the basics? Ready to move on? Try these moves.