Friday, 25 of May of 2018

Basingstoke, Monday 23rd April 2018

Please note that these Modern Jive move descriptions are intended to be used as a memory jogger for those who attended the dance class rather than a training aid for learning the moves from scratch. Much more in-depth move descriptions and videos are available in the Dance Yourself Dizzy Members Area.

Beginner Moves

Move 1 = Ladyspin

Move 2 = Octopus

Move 3 = Wurlitzer

Intermediate Moves

Move 1 = Basket into Ladyspin

Move 2 = Pretzel Shoulder Spin = Both step back mans left hand to ladies right hand, men, offer your right hand in a half nelson position behind your back. Both step in, men, raise your left arm and take your offered right hand away before your ladies have a chance to grab it. Both pass back to back, both pivoting to your own right as you continue to swap sides, men, lower your left arm in to a half nelson behind your back & then men raise their straightened right arm up over the lady’s head and then lower their right hand onto the lady’s left shoulder – you should now be side by side facing opposite directions. Both walk round in a clockwise direction for 2 beats. Men let go with your left hand as you turn to your right to face your lady, whilst pulling & letting go with your right hand on the lady’s shoulder – to spin her in a clockwise direction. Catch right to right. Return. Step back.

Move 3 = Double 8 = Step back right to right. Men step forward and slightly to your left as you raise your right hand, stepping under your ladies raised right arm and pivoting to your left – ladies step straight forward. Men as you continue to swap sides and turn to your left to face your lady, dip your right hand in between you on the halfbeat before raising it over the lady’s head to turn her in a clockwise direction. When she comes round to face lower your hands to waist level & men perform a quick clockwise Manspin on the spot – letting go with your right hand as you turn & as you face catch man’s left to lady’s right. Men now perform a normal Step Across so you both swap sides again. Face. Return, Step back.

Move 4 = First Move Twist

Full step by step video to all underlined dance moves are available from