Friday, 25 of May of 2018

Winchester, Tuesday 17th April 2018

Please note that these Modern Jive move descriptions are intended to be used as a memory jogger for those who attended the dance class rather than a training aid for learning the moves from scratch. Much more in-depth move descriptions and videos are available in the Dance Yourself Dizzy Members Area.

Beginner Moves

Move 1 = Sway

Move 2 = Comb

Move 3 = Teapot

Intermediate Moves

Move 1 = Almost Pretzel Manhattan = Both step back, men offer your right hand in a half nelson position behind your back. Both step in, men raise your left arm and take your offered right hand away before your ladies have a chance to grab it. As you both continue to swap sides, men, lower your left arm in to a half nelson behind your back as you pivot to your right to face your lady, then place your right hand on her right shoulder and push forwards to make your lady step back on her right foot, as your step forwards on your left foot. Men step back with your left foot – the tension in your left arm behind your back should make your lady step forwards on her right foot. Men step forwards with your left foot again as the ladies step back on their right & men push away with your right hand as you let go with your left hand behind your back. Step back sliding and catching right to right.

Move 2 = Catapult Step Across = Beats 1 & 2 as per a normal Catapult. Both lean away from each other as you would do normally, but as you do so – men transfer the ladies right hand from your right hand to your left behind your back. Men take a step back to the right as you pull and raise your left hand out to the left (being careful with your elbow), to make the ladies step forwards underneath and start turning to their left to face. Men do not take another step back, instead keep your left hand raised, take a side step diagonally to your left in front of the ladies and underneath her arm like a Step Across. This move now finishes exactly like a normal Step Across – continue to swap sides, men turning to their left as they swing their left hand down to waist level to make the lady turn to their right to face. Return. Step back.

Move 3 = Double Handed Shoulder Cross = Step back with a double handhold. Men raise both hands out to the left & over the lady’s head to turn her 1 complete turn clockwise. When the ladies come round to face men dip your hand in between you on the halfbeat before you raise both hands over your head and turn half a turn to your left underneath. Men when your back is facing your lady – lower your left hand onto your left shoulder and your right hand down by your left hip. Men take your left hand over your head and onto your right shoulder. Men raise your right hand over your head and lower to shoulder level out to the right. Men step back to the left, as you pull with both hands at shoulder level to lead the lady forwards past your right hand side. Once the lady is past you, men pull back and raise both hands to turn your lady anti-clockwise. When the lady comes round to face, men lower your right hand to waist level, but raise your left hand again to turn your lady a second turn in an anti-clockwise direction – wrapping her into a Basket. Cradle backwards.

Move 4 = Basket Limbo = Beats 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 as per a normal Basket. As the ladies come round to face, men keep the right hand low, but raise your left hand to turn your lady a second time clockwise. As the ladies come round to face a second time, men extend your left hand out to the left at shoulder level so your lady is in a swizzle position with her left arm behind her back in a half nelson. Men gradually pull with both hands to make your lady step forwards in the swizzle position, as you step forwards for 2 beats limbo-ing under the lady’s outstretched right arm. Men let go with your right hand & stand up turning to your left to face as the ladies turn to their right to face. Return. Step back.

Full step by step video to all underlined dance moves are available from