Saturday, 21 of April of 2018

Minstead, Thursday 5th April 2018

Please note that these Modern Jive move descriptions are intended to be used as a memory jogger for those who attended the dance class rather than a training aid for learning the moves from scratch. Much more in-depth move descriptions and videos are available in the Dance Yourself Dizzy Members Area.

Beginner Moves

Move 1 = Basket       Move 2 = Wurlitzer       Move 3 = Shoulder Slide


Intermediate Moves

Move 1 = Basket Cog Turn

Move 2 = Hatchflick

Move 3 = Mirrored Catapult Sway = Step back man’s left to lady’s right. Step in as the man pulls down and then raises his left hand out to the left, to make the ladies turn to their right underneath. Men take another step forward to swap sides, lowering your hand to waist level and pivoting a quarter turn to your right so you end up with your left arm in a half nelson behind your back & the lady is facing the man. Men pull & let go with your left hand behind your back to make your lady step forwards, as you place your right hand (with thumb pointing up) onto your lady’s right hip & turn to your right as you start to walk round behind your lady. Ladies keep facing the same way as men continue to walk round behind the lady, whilst keeping their right hand still on the lady’s right hip. Men step in to the left of your lady & collect her in a Sway position. Sway backwards. Forwards. Men raise your left hand to turn your lady out clockwise in front of you. Face, with your left hand raised. Return. Step back to face with a crossed handhold.

Move 4 = Secret Lean = Step back right to right, men signalling by offering your left hand in front of you by your right hip. Both step in so your partner is on your right hand side, men take your right hand up near your left shoulder, ladies take hold of the man’s offered hand down by his hip. Men take a small step behind your lady with your right foot as you extend your right hand out to the right, ladies, you turn half a turn to your right. Men place your weight on your right foot and pivot around to your right to face your lady as you bring your right hand up into an ‘L’ shape. Men keep your left hand at waist level as you push and raise your right hand to turn the lady in a clockwise direction. As the lady comes round to face, men take your right hand over your head as you pivot a quarter turn to your right so you end up side by side with your lady with your left hand behind her back. Men lunge to your right with your right foot and allow the ladies to lean down your left hand side. Stand back up to your previous position. Let go with your hands and step away from each other sliding and catching man’s left to lady’s right. Return. Step back.

Full step by step video to all underlined dance moves are available  from