Saturday, 21 of April of 2018

Basingstoke, Monday 4th December 2017

Please note that these Modern Jive move descriptions are intended to be used as a memory jogger for those who attended the dance class rather than a training aid for learning the moves from scratch. Much more in-depth move descriptions and videos are available in the Dance Yourself Dizzy Members Area.

Beginner Moves

Move 1 = First Move       Move 2 = Half Windmill       Move 3 = Shoulder Slide


Intermediate Moves

Move 1 = Armjive Sling Spin = Beats 1, 2 & 3 as per normal Armjive. Men let go with your right hand, step in to the left as you pivot a quarter turn to your right, whilst pulling with the left hand at waist level to make your lady step forwards to begin to swap sides. Men continue to swap sides as you pull back & let go with your left hand at waist level to spin your lady clockwise. Catch man’s left to lady’s right. Return. Step back.

Move 2 = Neckbreak Unwind = Step back man’s left to lady’s right – men signalling with your right arm in an ‘L’ shape at shoulder height. Both step in so that your partner is on your right hand side, men taking your left hand up near your left shoulder while you take your right hand over the lady’s left shoulder with your palm facing the floor so that you can see your fingertips as you look behind the lady’s head – your right hand/arm should not be in contact with the ladies at this point. Men stay on the spot as you take your left hand down towards the lady’s hip & across in front of her at waist level to make her twist out to the side like a First Move Lady’s step back on your right) – and as the lady now faces the same way, men with your right hand tap your lady on her right shoulder – ladies take hold with your left hand. Men push with your right arm to twist your lady forwards slightly to her left. Men let go with your left hand, as you now pull back and raise your right hand to unwrap your lady 1 & ½ turns clockwise to face – men taking your right hand across to the left at waist level in preparation for a spin when you do face each other. Men pull back with your right hand at waist level – letting go to spin your lady in an anti-clockwise direction. Catch right to right.

Move 3 = Catapult Half Nelson

Move 4 = Basket Back to Back = Beats 1, 2 & 3 as per a normal Basket. Men cradle your lady forwards as normal, but as you do – raise your left hand (with the lady’s right) up onto her left shoulder. Men push with your left hand on the lady’s shoulder as you pull with your right hand at waist level to make your lady turn 1/2 turn to her right to face you. Keep hold with both hands as men raise your right hand out to the right and then over the lady’s head to turn her anti-clockwise. When the ladies come round to face, both step back with a crossed handhold. Both step in, both turning a quarter turn to your right as men raise both hands taking your right hand over your head and extending your left arm so that your left hand goes over the lady’s head, you should now pass back to back. Both take another step to your own left as you lower your hands to waist level behind your backs – Man’s left hand behind his back, man’s right hand behind the lady’s back – your partner should be to your right. Men let go with your right hand as you take a big side step to your right extending your left hand out at waist level. Men take another step back as you pull back with your left hand – letting go to spin the ladies in a clockwise direction. Catch man’s left to lady’s right. Return. Both step back.

Full step by step video to all underlined dance moves are available  from